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Q: What is happening to Simmons Bank online banking?

A: Simmons' online banking platform will be upgraded to allow you to take advantage of many new features that make banking faster, more secure and more customizable than ever before.

Q: When are these changes taking place?

A: Activities related to the upgrade will begin Monday, October 19 after 5 p.m. CT and conclude before 7 a.m. CT on Tuesday, October 20. Be sure and watch for emails from Simmons Bank and notifications displayed in your current online banking account.

Q: Will my online banking login ID and password change?

A: No. You will continue to enter your current User ID at After you click "Go" and are taken to the new online banking login page, you will enter your current Password. Note: with this new online banking platform, you will no longer have a personal icon/image to identify your account. If you encounter any other login issues, please contact your administrator or call 1-866-246-2400.

Q: What is Two-Factor Authentication and how do I set it up?

A: Two-Factor Authentication ("2FA"), sometimes referred to as "Two-Step Verification," is a secure process of identifying that a customer's login is valid by using two forms of verification such as a code delivered by text message after entering your username and password. To learn how to setup Two-Step Verification for Simmons' new online banking, click here. Two-Factor Authentication will replace the token you use to login today.

Q: Will I still need the token I use today?

A: Yes. While you will not need the token to login, it will be needed to submit an ACH or wire transaction.

Q: How will I access Remote Deposit?

A: You will be sent login credentials for Remote Deposit when the upgrade occurs. You can also use mobile deposit through the Simmons Bank mobile app.

Q: Will my online banking transfers be impacted by this upgrade?

A: Scheduled transfers between your Simmons accounts will continue to be processed and available to maintain through online and mobile banking. External Transfer payee information will transfer to the new online banking system, but scheduled or recurring External Transfers for dates after the upgrade takes place will need to be setup again on the new system.

Q: How will I access my other services, such as credit card, retirement, lockbox, etc.?

A: There is no change to how you currently access your other Simmons Bank products and services such as credit card, retirement, and others. Continue to visit and use the login drop-down box to select the account you want to access. By default, Online Banking is the first option in the drop-down list.

Q: What browser should I use for online banking?

Online banking works best in Google ChromeTM. The current version of the following browsers is also supported: Microsoft Edge™, Apple®, Safari® and Mozilla® Firefox®.

Q: Will I need to download a new mobile banking app for my phone?

A: If you have yet to download the Simmons Bank mobile app that launched last fall (2019), we encourage you to download the mobile app. It's another quick and easy way to bank on-the-go! To download the Simmons Bank mobile app, click here. If you have already downloaded Simmons' mobile app, there's nothing new you need to download.

Q: Will I need to register for online banking or eStatements?

A: If you currently have eStatements or online banking, you will not need to re-enroll. If you are not currently enrolled in online banking, you may click here to enroll.

Q: Will all of my transaction history transfer to the new online banking system?

A: Yes. There will be no impact to your transaction history.

Q: Will my current Bill Pay be impacted by this upgrade?

A: No. Nothing will change with your current Bill Pay during this upgrade.