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Transcript – Alex Carriles

My name is Alex Carriles and I am the Chief Digital Officer at Simmons Bank. We were able to achieve some significant milestones at Simmons Bank in our digital transformation. One of the biggest milestones that we achieved during 2020 was to consolidate the three legacy digital platforms that we had at Simmons into one. So now all of our customers are under a single digital platform, which makes it a lot easier to service those customers, to give them support, and we think it's a much better platform. Another milestone was the release of our enhanced mobile deposit solution. It not only allows for much larger limits, but also for a reduced level of risk and exposure for the bank. And it was so successful that we saw an increase of more than double the number of checks processed through mobile deposit and almost triple the volume in dollars. One of the things that we launched in 2020 was the opening of our User Experience Center where we're able to conduct user research and see what is the customer reaction to the things that we're building, and I think that is going to be instrumental not only for what we've already built, but for what we're going to be building in the future.