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Transcript – Jena Compton

Hi, I'm Jena Compton, I'm the Chief People and Corporate Strategy Officer here at Simmons Bank. Well, the leaders of the bank here at Simmons really set the tone. I believe that the leader not only influences the outcome of the unit, but really, really makes the unit come together and perform at the highest level. So being a leader here means exhibiting our culture cornerstones, setting a high bar, showing people the strategy and the way, and then mentoring to perform at their highest self. So it's a huge responsibility, but absolutely the linchpin to our success. Banking on our people is really a strategy to keep us focused on the things that we wanna do to help our associates be successful. So it could be a new benefits program, it could be financial literacy, it could be all the things that empower you as a full person at Simmons Bank. We believe you bring your whole person to work every single day and we need a way to talk about that and help you remember all the ways we can help you so that you are fully empowered.