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Transcript – Jena Compton

I'm Jena Compton. I'm the chief people and corporate strategy officer here at the bank. The pandemic has certainly presented many unique people challenges to us at the bank. We've really had to pivot again and again and again to meet the needs of our customers and our associates. And to do so in a safe way where people feel comfortable doing business with us and coming to work every day. Thankfully, we're all back in the office now. We have all of our branches open and operating. But at the heart of our response, we've been focused on making our people feel safe and making our customers feel safe because banking goes on all the time. I think we've served our customers well, and I'd like to believe we've served our associates well through this process.

Business Resource Groups are an exciting development at the bank. So we now have four. Our Veterans Group, our Women's Group, our LBGTQIA+ Group, and our African Americans at Simmons Group. So all of these groups are available really to anyone and that's the beauty of it. If you stand in solidarity with that group, you're welcome to join. It doesn't matter if you have that particular demographic characteristic. These groups are about uniting our people. They're about bringing together groups across the footprint that support a common mission and do it in the business context. So they bring a perspective through the Resource Group to help us operate as a bank and to provide that comradery and that networking and that opportunity to grow and learn together. So there's a lot of great benefits with these groups and we're very excited about them and we're excited to see what will come next.

Each year we win numerous awards for being a great place to work and that's important to us, but it's important to us only in that is validation of the work that we are doing here at the bank. Fundamentally, a great place to work is based on being surrounded by a high performing team, having a great leader, feeling supported, having engaging work. And that's what we do every day. We work on those things. We invest in those things. And the reason those awards matter to us is it's validation that we're doing the right things, that we're creating a framework that will allow people to come to work and feel like they're operating at their very best. And that's really the mission. That's what we're trying to achieve here at the bank.