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Transcript – Jimmy Crocker

I'm Jimmy Crocker, Head of Wealth Management for Simmons Bank. Simmons Bank has made multiple acquisitions over the last five years. And in doing so, the wealth management team has inherited some really talented individuals. And so, what we've tried to do is we've tried to take the best and brightest from those legacy institutions and bring it together in a cohesive Simmons process. And in doing so, it doesn't matter if you're in Dallas, Texas, St Louis, Missouri, or Dumas, Arkansas. You're gonna get the best that we have to offer. In 2020, our net income grew in excess of 30% and our assets at Simmons Investment Services grew in excess of 30%. How was this done? It was done really by staying in touch with our clients, letting our clients know that we're here to serve them. If that be a conference call, a video conference, staying in touch with our clients was the most important thing we did in 2020. Regardless of what the client is looking for, if it would be individual money management or solutions to a digital platform, we have that available for our clients at Simmons Bank.