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Transcript – Angie DeGuira

It was really exciting to hear that our Goodlettsville office was one of the top-rank branches in our entire footprint for customer service. They really believe in investing in their clients, learning about them and just genuinely caring for them. We really like to collaborate with each other, and celebrate successes and celebrate wins, and it's always a win when we provide exceptional service for our clients on a daily basis. Our market retail managers are provided resources and tools to help us be successful, to hire top talent, to coach our associates, and to create career paths for our teams. It's so important for our associates to understand where they are today and then what are the tools and resources and plan to get us to where they want to be tomorrow, and I think that's what makes our Goodlettsville team successful is because they do have that mindset, that drive, and that will to be the best banker that they can for their customers.