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Transcript – Allan Ivie

I'm Allan Ivie. I am the Regional Trust and Wealth Management President for Missouri and Kansas. And I am also the President of Community Affairs for the Missouri Division. The Simmons name is becoming more well-known throughout both Missouri and Kansas. And from that standpoint, it makes it very exciting, but we are very much a community bank with the resources available to us to provide a full depth of products and services to our clients. It's a very exciting time here at Simmons. The community benefits agreement really was just a formalization of the work that Simmons has done in the community for years. And it all starts with developing close partnerships and relationships with community organizations, which provided the base for us to help the community in 2020. I think that being involved in the community is more than just writing a cheque. It's actually providing the, I'll say the human capital, which Simmons strongly encourages all of our associates to do that. I think it's very important that we get in, get involved with community organizations, actually roll our sleeves up and work side by side in order to serve the community that's in need.