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Transcript – Christian Lewis

What I'm most proud about for our associates, here in Missouri, is their ability to rise up, even during a pandemic. They showed sacrifice, endurance and put in countless hours of hard work, all in an effort to help keep many small business streams alive. Simmons Bank provided support to our small businesses by, first, setting safety protocols for both our employees and our customers. So as we work through these safety measures, we then establish payment relief programs and counsel to our affected small businesses and individuals. We also played an intricate role with PPP, and all this was done while government guidelines continue to evolve throughout our markets. Leadership is setting a standard, leadership is listening and then taking action, and leadership is working with others in an effort to develop each other. My joy in life is being able to help others. I believe everyone has a desire to want to help, at some level, and community involvement, when approached with an attitude of selflessness, can create positive change for the betterment of everyone.