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Transcript - Elizabeth Machen

I'm Elizabeth Machen, Executive Vice President, Marketing and Communications. We definitely over the last several years have focused largely on sponsorship opportunities and primarily naming rights opportunities where Simmons Bank brand can be front and center and championed. We started with the University of Arkansas at Pine Bluff, which is our hometown, Pine Bluff, Arkansas, where our corporate headquarters are located with the naming rights of their football field. Then shortly after that, we announced Simmons Bank Arena in North Little Rock, which is right across the river from our Downtown Little Rock office. And those were really impactful and really successful for us.

These naming right opportunities that we've explored have really given us the opportunity to stand out and reach a broad audience, but it also has a nice community banking element to it. We try to do it in our hometowns where we operate and have a big group of associates that call the area home. We also saw our Team Simmons Bank Golfers really take off in the last 12 to 18 months. Obviously, we had Will Zalatoris be second runner-up in the Masters with the Simmons Bank brand on national TV. And just that was a very awesome moment for us. We also got to have our inaugural Simmons Bank Open in Nashville, Tennessee, and it was very impressive. The local team there did a great job.

With the women's athletics, a longterm partner of ours with Learfield IMG approached us about the opportunity at one school. When we had the conversation with George Makris talking about the opportunity, it was really him that said, "I think this is great. And I don't just want to do this at this one university. I want us to do it at all of the key universities across our footprint." And so we did. We started that process of reaching out. We were able to secure 10 amazing schools in our footprint for this presenting sponsor of women's athletics. What we really want to do with this program is that partnership and introduction of banking and what banking can offer these women athletes in their career. The last 12 to 18 months have been really great for us with our sponsorships, and then the addition of a huge new group through our women's athletic sponsorship, as well as additional stadiums.