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Transcript – Martie North

I am Martie North, senior vice president and director of community development and CRA here at Simmons Bank. Regulation BB, also known as the Community Reinvestment Act, in my opinion is the best regulation in all of banking as it allows us to engage directly with our community by providing products and services that meet their needs. Whether we're talking retail products, to lending products, to complex investments, the CRA covers all of these aspects and I think it just helps us demonstrate how we are an excellent corporate citizen. Because we are a community-based bank, we value the communities in which we operate in, our employees live in, where we work, play and live our lives in. So it's important to us that we are showing our community that we care, that we want them to be successful and that we want them also to have great quality of life. Affordable housing is a very important component of the CRA and Simmons Bank really strives to make sure that we are a leader whenever we can when it comes to investing in this particular area. We've been really proactive in that space to make sure that we have targeted products that are attractive and appealing that can meet people's needs.