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Transcript – Michael Powell

Hi, I'm Michael Powell, I'm the Mortgage Division President here at Simmons Bank. Simmons mortgage, we had incredible growth in 2020. If you look back in 2019, we had a great year in 2019, we closed over 3,700 loans, but 2020 was incredible. We grew that to over 5,700 loans with the close production at 1.3 billion. We just had an incredibly dedicated, hardworking staff and they really persevered through 2020 to meet our customers' needs, but we also did it with technology and our customers were able to take application fully online and then also upload all their documentation securely through the process. Between our hardworking staff and the technology, it allowed us to hit those incredible numbers. I think what pushed a lot of them through was just knowing that they were working for the customer. Keep in mind just the interest rates where they were, just the amount of savings that our customers were able to save on their mortgages. And I think that really just drove our team to meet their expectations. We have an incredible footprint for the bank and we have an incredible opportunity to grow within our markets. So we're really excited what's happening in mortgage here at Simmons Bank.