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Transcript – Daniel Robinson

My name is Daniel Robinson, and I am the Regional Community President for the South Central region in Arkansas. Growing up in Pine Bluff, I mean, Simmons Bank was not only the tallest building in town but it was one of the largest employers. So I've been going to the bank since I was a little boy to get popcorn. And so to be there today and to be able to walk through those doors knowing that I'm helping lead that team – I just take a lot of pride in that. So as we've continued to grow, obviously it's great for our company. It's great for us as shareholders and stakeholders within Simmons, but I can promise you there's nothing like walking through those doors, knowing that Simmons started here, it was founded in Pine Bluff and to see the impact that we've had in that community. Simmons has been a vital part of the community by giving back since its inception. But over this past year we were able to give a million dollars to the Arkansas Children's Foundation to help start the Arkansas Children's Hospital Clinic in Pine Bluff in partnership with JRMC. The fact the bank was willing to give another million dollar contribution to Jefferson County to help them with the new Health Department building which was in dire need and the Veteran Services Office – when people need help within our community, they come to Simmons first asking what we are willing to do and how we are willing to help. And it's great to see that the bank always steps up to help those in need that we know will have a tremendous impact on not only Pine Bluff, but again the entire Southern part of the state.