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Alert Services Excerpt for SMS

The terms below are an excerpt from the Terms of Service for Simmons Online Banking in the section entitled Card Management and Alert Services and is provided only as a courtesy and convenience to you. If a discrepancy exists between the excerpt and the Terms of Service for Simmons Online Banking, the latter shall govern.


(b) Alert Services

Alert Services may include the delivery of informational alerts or fraud alerts. You have the option to enroll to receive certain informational alerts within Simmons Online Banking but may receive alerts related to suspected fraudulent activity independent of your enrolled alerts. You agree that we may send alerts to you via text message through your mobile service provider, phone call, e-mail, or any other delivery method available to us based on the information we have in our records for you. Additionally, by providing us with a mobile phone number and/or selecting text message alerts, you certify that you are the mobile phone number subscriber or have permission from the subscriber to use the mobile phone number for Alert Services. You agree that you will immediately notify us if the phone number is changed or deactivated. Further, you agree to indemnify, defend, and hold us harmless from and against any and all claims, losses, liability, costs, and expenses, including reasonable attorneys' fees, arising from your provision of a phone number, e-mail address, or other delivery method that is not your own and for your violation of applicable federal, state or local law, regulation, or ordinance. Your obligation under this paragraph shall survive termination of this Agreement.

The Alert Services are provided for your convenience and are not an official record for your Account. We do not guarantee continuous, uninterrupted, or secure alerts. You understand that there may be a disruption in service if you change your mobile service provider and that Alert Services may be delayed or impacted by your Internet service provider, phone carrier, carrier coverage, and other factors. You also understand and agree that these alerts may not be encrypted and may include personal or confidential information about you such as Account activity or the status of your Account. We are not liable for losses or damages arising from disclosure of Account information to third parties, non-delivery, delayed delivery, misdirected delivery or mishandling of, or inaccurate content in, the alerts and messages sent.

There is no service fee for the Alerts Services; however, you are responsible for all costs incurred in relation to the Alert Services. Neither we nor Visa will be responsible for fees or costs you incur in receiving notifications through SMS messages to your mobile phone, the cost of obtaining a wireless carrier, an appropriate wireless data services plan, a compatible mobile device, and/or any SMS message fees charged by your mobile carrier. In addition, neither we nor Visa will be responsible for fees or costs you incur in receiving notifications through email, accessing a personal computer, Internet-enabled phone, or other device used to receive emails, and/or associated costs charged by your internet service provider. Message and data rates may apply. Message frequency depends on the preferences and settings you select. To cancel Alert Services and discontinue all other SMS messages, text STOP to the number from which you received the Alert Services, at any time. For help or information on the Alert Services, text HELP to the number from which you received the Alert Services. For additional assistance with Alert Services, you may contact us at 1-866-246-2400.