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It's our 120th birthday

And this year, we're celebrating all year long.


On March 23, 2023, Simmons Bank celebrates 120 years of serving the communities where we live. As a part of that anniversary, we want to say "thank you" to the customers and community partners who’ve supported us for more than a century. Below, take a look back at our memories of the last 120 years. Join in the celebrations all year long by signing up to receive more information on product promotions and other special offers!

Simmons-120 -lockup.png

Simmons Bank through the years.


We were born 120 years ago in a small town called Pine Bluff, Arkansas. We've grown from a single, Main Street branch with first day deposits of just over $3,000, to a publicly traded corporation with over $27 billion in assets - employing more than 3,200 associates across six states. We are a community bank with scale, taking as much pride in customer relationships as we do in our extensive products and services.

But this type of growth doesn't happen over night. To reflect on our 120 year history, we've highlighted a few of our favorite milestones and achievements below:

1903 Simmons Lobby (002).jpg

Open for business

On the corner of 2nd Avenue and Main Street in Pine Bluff, Arkansas, we were founded by physician Dr. John Franklin Simmons. We opened the doors to Simmons National Bank for the first time with four associates. We had a first day’s deposits of $3,338.22 at the close of business 120 years ago.

Trust100 logo-only.png

Trust Department opens

As we approached 20 years in the banking business, we were ready to expand. In 1922, our Trust Department swung open their doors to help our community and are still here today ready to serve!

History Pic - Opening day  Jan. 1930.jpg

Moving on up

About 27 years after our founding, we had outgrown our office space and moved into a new 11-story building! We enjoy looking back at the occasion and how the community welcomed this moment by filling the lobby with flowers.

11 story SNB in 1930s.jpg

Reopening after the Great Depression

During the Great Depression in the 1930s, our community along with the nation suffered tremendously. We were one of the first Arkansas banks that were able to reopen, without restrictions, after the federally imposed “bank holiday” during this time.

Simmons Building c1940s.jpg

Lasting memories

This beautiful vintage postcard showcases our 11-story Main Street building in downtown Pine Bluff. Customers and community members could send messages as well as share a snapshot of one of the tallest buildings on Main Street!


It’s time to drive-thru

After 50 years of banking, it was time to mix it up! Cars were more common and at Simmons, drive-in banking became a reality. We started by introducing our customers to what drive-in banking could look like, then we never looked back!

Simmons Iconly only 4c JPEG.jpg

It’s first, Simmons First

In 1960 at an annual stakeholders meeting, our board voted to change the name of the institution from Simmons National Bank of Pine Bluff to Simmons First National Bank of Pine Bluff. Shortly thereafter the logo that is still used today was adopted.

Window Tellers' Island at SFNB in 1967-68.jpg

First Arkansas bank to offer a credit card

In the mid-60s, credit cards increased in popularity and by 1967, we proudly offered the first credit card in Arkansas to our customers. We’ve kept the momentum going and now offer a full suite of credit cards – many of them award-winning!

First ATM 1974.jpg

The first ATM transaction

The 70s brought automation for customers with our first ATM in Pine Bluff, referred to as a Money Machine. We’ve grown quite a bit since then and now have over 200 ATM locations in six states! Just 10 years later in 1984, we had another big first! Simmons First customer Mary Stone was the first customer in the world to make an international ATM transaction. The transaction in Australia traveled 31,000 miles in six seconds.

IBM 1982.jpg

Simmons buys its first computer

By the 1980s, we were ready to start digitizing! In 1982, we purchased our first personal computer from Radio Shack. The computer in this picture is from a few years earlier and is an IBM model.


Simmons First National Corporation begins trading

In the early 1990s, it was time to hit Wall Street and in 1992 Simmons First National Corporation stock began trading on the NASDAQ stock exchange. This photo is from 2005 when then-Chairman Tommy May went back to open the market on our 13th anniversary of becoming a publicly traded company.


Weathers the financial crisis

Three years into the millennium, we were celebrating our 100th birthday! But a few years later in 2008 there was a global financial crisis. Many banks and financial institutions needed government assistance in the form of a financial bailout. We were fortunate and able to maintain operations without any government financial assistance.


Mergers and acquisitions begin

At the start of the new decade, we knew it was time to expand our community. In 2010, we acquired Southwest Community Bank in Springfield, Missouri and Security Savings Bank FSB in Olathe, Kansas. Throughout the rest of the decade, we acquired 12 more financial institutions and our community grew to cover six states with more than 200 locations!

It’s still about our community

When our doors swung open in 1903, we wanted to serve the banking needs of those in our community. You might say that everything has changed, and everything has stayed the same. We are still here to serve our community, but our community has grown. We are still here with a familiar smile but have the technology you need. We are still ready to help our community, but we know those needs are ever-changing.  

We are ready to celebrate the next 120 years!

Let's keep this celebration going

 As a part of that celebration, we want to say "thank you" to our customers and celebrate our 120th birthday with new product promotions!

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