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Streamline the way your business gets paid.

Business payables solutions from Simmons Bank

Payables solutions

Managing your business requires carefully monitoring your expenses. We offer a variety of payment processing solutions for businesses of all sizes so you can efficiently and accurately manage your expenses.


Our services

ACH credits

Simmons Bank's ACH credit service lets your company initiate credit entries destined for accounts at financial institutions across the nation - including same day ACH service. ACH credit service is used largely for direct payroll deposit, vendor payments, tax payments, dividend payments, interest payments, and annuity payments.

Wire transfers

Simmons Bank's wire transfer service enables you to move funds to virtually any bank in the U.S. or internationally, usually in the same business day, with a few clicks of your mouse.

Corporate card

The Simmons Bank Visa® Corporate Card is a powerful, 24-hour a day business management tool that fits in your pocket.

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