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Collect payments efficiently and effectively.

Business receivables solutions from Simmons Bank

Receivables solutions

Your business' health relies on accurately managing incoming and outgoing payments. Our receivables solutions will help your business stay on track by allowing you to collect and deposit funds safely and efficiently.


Our services

Remote Deposit

Simmons Bank's remote deposit service helps you save time and money by electronically depositing business checks, individual checks, government checks and money orders from anywhere, anytime.

Lockbox services

Lockbox service is designed to reduce mail and check collection float associated with your remittances. It can also significantly reduce the time and expense of processing these payments by your employees. Payments are picked up at the post office by the bank, opened and processed according to your specifications and funds are deposited into your account by the bank.

ACH debits

Simmons Bank's ACH debit service enables your company to automatically collect funds from your customers - including same day ACH service - giving you more control of cash flow with predetermined payment and settlement dates.

Merchant services

Simmons Bank card solutions provides credit and debit card processing for businesses through our processing partners. Being direct processors with all the major card brands, our partners have access to wholesale rates paired with the best service in the industry. The program supports all major payment types such as MasterCard®, Visa®, Discover®, PayPal®, American Express® and debit cards, with quick and reliable next day funding to your Simmons Bank account.

Cash Vault Services

SafePoint® is an integrated solution for retail and commercial clients who routinely handle cash that helps eliminate gaps in the cash-handling process. Simmons Bank partners with Loomis to offer this product to our clients. Once cash is validated into the SafePoint safe, it is as good as money in the bank. Deposits are counted, logged and secured until an armored carrier comes to collect them. When coupled with Loomis Direct, our proprietary online account management solution, clients can track and manage every step of the process safely and securely, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week.