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Investing in your business.

Small business lending solutions from Simmons Bank

SBA loans

If you're starting or expanding your business, an SBA loan can provide lower down payments and more flexible terms.

At Simmons Bank, we provide a comprehensive suite of products and services to meet all of your business lending needs.

As an SBA Preferred Lender, Simmons Bank can expedite the loan process by acting as a direct agent on behalf of the Small Business Administration, to approve loans in-house.

Contact one of our SBA Specialists to get started today.

Regional SBA bankers

Kimberly Preston

(405) 707-9605

Mark Hare

North TX
(817) 840-1880

Ryan DeWoody 

East TX
(281) 252-8859

Orlando Saldana

Central & Southwest TX
(713) 613-1124

Rick Ricciardi

(501) 244-1454

Jonathan Pope

(615) 377-1453

SBA preferred lender
Faster, in-house approvals
Dedicated SBA specialists

SBA loan solutions

7(A) loans

A popular term loan that can support a wide array of business expenses. Up to $5 million for business acquisition, working capital, machinery and equipment and more. SBA 504 Loan A popular fixed asset financing with low interest rate SBA debenture. Up to 12.5 million for machinery and equipment, commercial real estate and debt refinancing. SBA Express Loan A loan or revolving line of credit with streamlined processing. Up to $500,00 for working capital, business acquisition, debt refinancing and more.

Express loans

Perfect for businesses looking for a streamlined process to borrow up to $350,000 for expansion or managing a cash flow. Benefits of SBA Express loans include: fast turnaround and an easy-to-use line of credit.

Ready to apply?

Our SBA lenders are here to help make applying for your loan simple. To get started, you'll need to gather a few things:

  • Personal & Business Tax Returns
  • Business Interim & Debt Schedule
  • Loan Request Summary & Personal Financial Statement