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Business information reporting services from Simmons Bank

Information reporting

Simmons Bank's information reporting solutions help improve the way you reconcile daily transactions, monitor your businesses cash position, and customizes reporting to what is most useful for your business.


Our services

EDI reporting

EDI reporting offers same-day detailed information on ACH transactions from vendors and trading partners. It's also great for updating accounts receivable information within your accounting package and eliminates the need to receive hard-copy remittance information.

Consolidated banking

Simmons Bank Consolidated banking allows you to utilize one checking account for all of your locations that bank with Simmons Bank so you have fewer accounts to maintain and can save on service fees from other institutions.

BAI reporting

Industry standard format reporting available.

Account reconciliation

Account reconciliation improves management and audit control of your accounts by providing concise and timely journals on check activity and historical information, reducing manual reconciliation errors and improving accuracy.

Activity reports

Customizable transaction reporting that can be saved or run on demand. Reporting options are available for specific date ranges, transactions types, amounts or serial numbers. Reports can include all accounts, groups of accounts or individual accounts.

Summary reports

Summary reports summarize daily balance activity and break down the balance activity by transaction type including ACH, in-clearing checks, wires and internal transfers.