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Talk about growth potential.

New 18-month, 9-month, 6-month and 3-month CD rates now available!

3.75% APY
18 month CD
3.60% APY
9 month CD
3.50% APY
6 month CD
3.30% APY
3 month CD

CD Account Benefits


Simmons Bank CD accounts are insured up to the allowable limits of the FDIC.

Lock in returns

You can make better financial plans when you know what you're saving on your CD.

Earn high-yield interest with a competitive rate

Submit an inquiry form before visting you nearest branch location to get a head-start on your application.

Get started

Frequently Asked Questions

A certificate of deposit (CD) is an FDIC insured savings account that holds a fixed amount of money for a fixed period of time. With a CD, your interest rate is guaranteed for the entire term of your deposit. CDs are one of the safest  options available for saving.

Opening an CD account is easy. You'll need to visit a Simmons Bank branch to open your account, but you can get a head start by submitting an inquiry form here.

"Term" refers to the length of time you agree to deposit your funds. Your CD will mature at the end your term, at which point you can withdraw your initial investment + earned interest penalty free. At this time you will also have the option to renew your account at the current rate.

We offer a flexible range of both short and long term options.

You may not make any deposits into your account before maturity.

You may make withdrawals of principal from your account before maturity, but the amount withdrawn may be subject to an early withdrawal penalty.

You can only withdraw interest credited in the term before maturity of that term without penalty. You can withdraw interest only on the crediting dates.

  • {226} Annual Percentage Yield (APY) accurate as of 12/16/2022. Rate subject to change without notice. Minimum opening deposit of $25,000 that is New Money to obtain advertised APY. New Money is money that is not currently on deposit at Simmons Bank. Additionally, at least half of the total opening deposit must be New Money. Not available for public funds. A penalty will be imposed for early withdrawal. Fees may reduce earnings. CD renewal at maturity will be at the prevailing interest rate.