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Instant credit card payments in online & mobile banking

Direct credit card payments are now available in Simmons Bank online and mobile banking! Last fall, we added the ability to see your balance, transactions and account details of your Simmons Bank personal credit card in online and mobile banking. Now, you can make a payment directly from your Simmons Bank checking or savings account and the payment will be immediately applied to the available credit on your card. This payment option gives you the convenience to free up some credit while on the go, right from our top-rated app, Simmons Bank Mobile, or your computer.

Be on the lookout for more enhancements in the future! We will continually add more credit card services, such as alerts and more payment options.

Welcome to the next step in full credit card management

Cards added

View Simmons Bank credit card balances, transactions and account details in online and mobile banking.

Direct credit card payments

Make an immediate payment from a Simmons Bank checking or savings account.

Alerts & card controls

Coming soon!


On your dashboard, next to your other Simmons Bank accounts, you will see “Credit Card ending in.” Your current balance will show here. Click or tap to view more details about your Simmons Bank credit card account.


On your dashboard, next to your other bank transactions, you will see your credit card transactions. The account from which the transaction came will display next to the date, under the transaction description. To view only your credit card transactions, click or tap the account and then click or tap “Transactions.”

Card details

You will also be able to see your available credit, payment due date, interest rate and other important account details.


You can now make a payment directly to your personal credit card from your Simmons Bank checking or savings account.

Don’t have a Simmons Bank credit card, checking or savings account? Click below to learn more and apply today!

Frequently Asked Questions


Q: How do I make a credit card payment?

A: Follow these steps to make a payment from your Simmons Bank checking or savings account to your Simmons Bank personal credit card:

  • First, log into online or mobile banking.
  • From the Dashboard, click the blue tile with your credit card account name.
  • Click the red Pay button.
  • Choose the amount you want to pay and then click Submit. The payment will be immediately applied to your credit card balance.

There are several alternate payment methods available to you. Please note that payments made through these options may take several days to be applied to your credit card balance. You can also make a payment by:

  • Visiting any Simmons Bank Branch.
  • Calling Credit Card customer service at 1-800-272-2102.
  • Going to and selecting Credit Card from the drop down menu in the LOGIN box.
  • Mailing the payment to:
    • Bankcard Processing
    • P.O. Box 84071
    • Columbus, GA 31908-4071

Q: Can I make multiple payments to my credit card in one day?

A: At this time, you can only make one payment to your credit card per day.

Q: Can I make a payment to my Simmons Bank credit card from a non-Simmons Bank account?

A: At this time, payments made through Simmons Bank online and mobile banking must come from a Simmons Bank checking or savings account.


Q: Why are my credit card transactions mixed in with my checking account transactions?

A: By default, your dashboard displays transactions from all your accounts in the Transactions section. If you want to remove transactions from specific accounts, you can click on the account and then choose Settings, and then turn off “Display activity and transactions.”

Q: What credit card information displays in online and mobile banking?

A: Generally, the following will display for your credit card:

  • Credit Card Transactions
  • Payment Information
    • Next Payment Due Date
    • Past Due Amount
    • Minimum Payment Due
    • Credit Limit
    • Available Credit
  • Balance Information
    • Last Statement Balance
    • Last Statement Date
    • Last Payment Date
  • Interest Rate

Available services

Q: Why are only limited information and services available?

A: This is our first step toward fully integrating Simmons Bank Credit Cards with online and mobile banking. We will continue to add additional credit card information and functionality in the near future.

Q: Why is this information available to only the credit card primary cardholder?

A: By limiting who can view your credit card information, we are protecting your confidentiality and adding additional security controls to prevent unauthorized persons from gaining access to your credit card information.

Q: How can I freeze or unfreeze my account?

A: We are working on more upgrades that will allow you to freeze and unfreeze your Simmons Bank Credit Card from online or mobile banking. For now, you can freeze or unfreeze your card by:

  • Logging into the Credit Card portal from Primary credit card account holders can select “Credit Cards” from the online banking drop down and create a login.
  • Downloading the Simmons Bank Card Controls app on your mobile device. Search for “Simmons Bank Card Controls” in your app store.
  • Calling the credit card contact center at 1-800-272-2102.


Q: Who should I contact about my credit card account questions?

A: Simmons Bank’s Credit Card customer service is available by phone 24 hours a day, 365 days a year at 1-800-272-2102.

Security notice

Please be aware that Simmons Bank will never contact you to verify private information such as account numbers or login credentials. If you receive a suspicious call, text or email, contact Simmons Bank at 1-866-246-2400 or email to report the incident.

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