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Smart financial planning at any age

Set up your plan with Simmons Bank

No matter what stage of life you are in, it’s never too early to start financial planning. Smart financial planning can give you the tools to help make the most educated decisions for yourself and your family. At Simmons Bank, our customers can access services to help with current and future state financial planning.

What is financial planning?

Financial planning is the process of assessing your current financial state and identifying future financial goals to create a step-by-step approach to achieve those goals. Some may think you must be wealthy or ready to retire to need a financial planner, but this is far from the truth. Working with a financial planner early on can help direct your finances to maximize your long-term goals from the beginning through retirement.

How do I start financial planning?

Financial planning looks different for everyone, so it is important to remember that you are creating a plan for yourself and your future.  As you are building your plan, here are a few vital steps you can take to set yourself up for success.

  • Meet with a financial planner now. Do not wait until you start thinking about retirement to begin planning for retirement. Simmons Bank has a team of experts ready to help you review your finances and create a plan to reach your financial goals.
  • Maximize your 401k retirement savings contributions. Contribute as much as you can to your retirement savings each month. If your employer offers 401k, contribute enough to qualify for any employer contributions, if available. This is additional money that will be there for you in retirement. A Simmons Bank financial planner can help recommend a contribution for existing Simmons Bank clients.
  • Review your financial plan each year. Set aside time each year to review your financial standing. This will ensure you are on the right track to reach your goals and have a financial focus. Financial planning can range from basic needs to more detailed plans, so it is wise to stop and reassess often, including life events such as promotions, births, and graduations.

Let’s review:

You do not have to wait to start planning for your financial future; the earlier you start planning, the better. Setting up a financial plan for yourself and your family will prepare you to meet your future financial goals. Meet with a Simmons Bank Private Wealth Strategist to see the services we offer. Contact us today!

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