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A core component of Simmons Bank's business and culture.


Simmons Bank regards social and civic responsibility as an inherent part of everything we do. It guides not only our business policies and practices, but also our company culture and community outreach. Across our philanthropic footprint, our focus is on economic development, financial literacy, youth development, health and human services, arts and culture, and a better quality of life for everyone in our communities. As a community bank, we realize helping the community pays countless dividends at all levels.

Corporate Contributions

The organizations we partner with range widely from groups such as United Way and the American Red Cross to local nonprofit agencies that do good work in just one community.

Associate Contributions

In 2019, Simmons Bank associates donated $403,000 to United Way for communities in our region through Simmons' payroll deduction program.

Community Development

In 2019, Simmons Bank associates participated in 1,531 community service acts where they used a banking skill to help predominantly low-to-moderate income individuals.


In September 2019, we celebrated our second annual Simmons Service Month, with associates across our footprint coming together to volunteer in their local communities. To partner with associates’ efforts, Simmons Bank committed to make a charitable donation of $10 per hour volunteered.

The results were truly amazing! More than 4,150 volunteer hours were donated by Simmons Bank associates, resulting in a $42,000 corporate donation to Junior Achievement, a nonprofit selected for its service to children throughout Simmons' footprint.

Top volunteers – or Simmons associates who donated 15 or more volunteer hours in September – also received up to $150 for charities of their choice. These 39 "star volunteers" raised a combined $5,850 for nonprofits across Simmons' footprint.

Associate Volunteers
Hours Served
Organizations Impacted


The Simmons First Foundation was established in 2013 to help us give back to the communities that have been so vital to our continuing growth and success. Former Simmons CEO Tommy May heads up the foundation and guides it in its mission to build stronger and more vibrant communities for the future. First and foremost, the foundation aims to improve the lives of children through programs that enhance education and healthcare. The foundation has also provided the seed money for “Go Forward Pine Bluff,” a community renewal program that focuses on economic development, infrastructure and government, education, and quality of life. If successful, the program could serve as a blueprint for revitalization efforts in communities across the Simmons footprint. Every year, Simmons Bank makes a donation to Simmons First Foundation, to develop and expand programs, especially those serving areas with the most in need.

For more information about partnering with Simmons Bank or the Simmons First Foundation for community development or sponsorship opportunities, please contact