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Card Alerts FAQs

What is Simmons Bank Card Alerts and how do I sign up?

Control how, when and where your Simmons Bank debit or credit card is used by enrolling in Card Alerts. The card activity alert choices may indicate a lost or stolen card or fraudulent activity involving the registered cards. There are many types of alerts to choose from. Once the preference selections are made, if a transaction meets the criteria selected, you will receive an alert by either text, email or both depending on your alert type selections. This service does not stop the transaction; however it allows you to be immediately notified if a transaction is made on the account that meets your preference selections. Additionally, you may elect to suspend the card, which declines certain designated transactions or prevents any purchases from being made with that card.

You can enroll online at or download the app by searching "Simmons Bank Card Controls" in the Apple App Store or Google Play Store.



Lost your card?

No problem. Have peace of mind with the Card Alerts app. You can enroll online at or download the Simmons Bank Card Alerts app at the Play Store or on iTunes.

How do I make changes to my settings?

Once you log in to the Card Alerts site or the Card Alerts app, you have the ability to do the following:

  • Change Password
  • Enable/Disable Biometric (fingerprint or facial) Authentication
  • Manage Email Address
  • Manage Mobile Numbers
  • Delete profile

How do I delete my mobile service account?

Sign in to Card Alerts. Select Settings. Delete Profile.

What if I do not receive the password reset email or enrollment confirmation email?

First, check your spam or junk folder to see if the email was accidentally sent there. Sometimes, SPAM filters catch the emails. You can add the following sender to your server whitelist or add to the safe list to prevent blocking of email address: You can then request to send another code.