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Card Controls FAQs

What is Simmons Bank Card Alerts and how do I access it?

Simmons Bank Card Controls is a feature available for debit and credit card customers using Simmons Bank Online and the Simmons Bank Mobile app. Card Controls give you control over how your debit and credit card(s) can be used. These alerts can also help you identify potential fraud on your account.

To enroll in these card controls, click on ‘Card management’ shown on your account home page, then click ‘Alerts and protections’. From there, you can make your card control selections.

What card control features are available?

Notification settings: You can set up notifications for when a transaction on your card is blocked or when a transaction has been processed. These alerts can be sent via email or text message depending on your preferences.

You can also view demos of Simmons Bank Online and Simmons Bank Mobile anytime for help navigating these platforms.

Merchant Types

With a full list of categories to choose from, customize what type of merchants your card(s) can be used at. You can either receive an alert at certain merchants or block the transaction entirely.

Spending limits

Set transaction and monthly spending limits and alerts on your card(s). This feature can help prevent fraud and be used to stay on top of budgeting.


Turn on or off the ability for your card to be used internationally. To do this, click on locations under protection options, then select ‘block transactions’.

Transaction Types

Modify how your card can be used.  You can control spending based on how the card is processed (ATMs, contactless payments, online payments, in store or recurring charges).

Lock and unlock

If you misplace your card, you can immediately lock your card in our app for peace of mind until you either find your card or report it lost. If your card is lost or stolen, call 1-866-246-2400 to report it and to be issued a new card. Lock and unlock your card by clicking on ‘card management’, then click the green icon by your card name to deny transactions until your card is found.

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Mobile banking

Stay on top of your finances by downloading Simmons Bank Mobile.

  • Industry-leading features like two-factor authentication for improved security
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  • Connect accounts from other institutions
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  • Set up alerts for all your accounts
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  • Deposit checks using your smartphone
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