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Online Banking FAQs

Is Simmons Bank Online Banking Safe?

The security and privacy of your financial information is a priority with Simmons Bank. Simmons Bank online banking utilizes several features to help protect your privacy:

  1. Simmons Bank online banking ID & Password. You must use the correct combination of online banking ID & Password to access your Simmons Bank online banking account. You have the option to change your Password as often as you like.
  2. Technology. Simmons Bank online banking utilizes the Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) protocol to communicate with your computer. SSL Security protects data in three ways:
    • Authentication
      This keeps another server from impersonating the Simmons Bank online banking server
    • Encryption
      This scrambles the data while it is being transferred.
    • Data Integrity
      This verifies that the information sent by you to Simmons Bank wasn't altered during the transfer. The system detects if data was added or deleted after you sent the message. If any tampering has occurred, the connection is dropped.
  3. Automatic Sign Off. If there is no activity on your Simmons Bank online banking session for ten (10) consecutive minutes, the Simmons Bank online banking server will automatically sign you off.

Is there any special equipment that I need to access Simmons Bank online banking?

To access Simmons Bank online banking, you will need a personal computer that has an established connection to the internet through your choice of Internet Service Providers (ISPs) and a browser that is compatible with the online banking service.

What happens the first time I logon to Simmons Bank online banking?

The first time you logon, you will be prompted to change your Password for security reasons. You will also be prompted to set up some security information and verify the email address on file. After that, it's up to you!! You may immediately begin:

  • Viewing account balances, including checking, savings, loans, and lines of credit.
  • Transferring funds between your deposit accounts and to make payment on your loans.
  • Viewing account transaction history.
  • Downloading transactions into your financial management software.
  • E-mailing us with questions or support inquiries.

My Online Banking User ID is a twelve digit number Do I have to put that number in each time I logon?

No. You must use the twelve-digit number the first time you logon. After that, you may create an "alias" for yourself. Simply click on Settings, then Security and assign yourself an easy to remember logon name.

What if I forget my password?

You can select "Forgot?" and follow the instructions on the screen to reset your password.

What is a Cookie and do I need them for Simmons Bank Online Banking?

During each session in which you use Simmons Bank online banking, the Bank will pass a "Cookie" to your browser for the purpose of identifying you during that session. A "Cookie" is security data that is given to an Internet browser by a web server that is returned by the browser to the server on subsequent transmissions to identify the user and encryption information. When you log onto Simmons Bank online banking, a "Cookie" enables the Bank to process multiple transactions during the same communication session without you having to provide your Simmons Bank online banking ID and password for each individual transaction. Whenever you log off of Simmons Bank online banking, or whenever you remain logged on to Simmons Bank online banking for ten (10) consecutive minutes without actively using Simmons Bank online banking to obtain new account information or conduct a transaction, the same "Cookie" is no longer accepted by the server and must be renewed through re-entry of your Simmons Bank online banking password. A new "Cookie" is used for each log-on session, so no one may use the "Cookie" to access your account without entering your Simmons Bank online banking password.

How soon will I see transactions on my Simmons Bank Online Banking Account?

Simmons Bank online banking is online and real-time. Most transactions that occur on your account are available immediately through Simmons Bank online banking.

Who do I call if I still have questions?

Contact Simmons Bank Customer Support toll free at 1-866-246-2400 between 7:30 a.m. CT and 6:00 p.m. CT each banking day, and 8:00 a.m. CT to noon CT on Saturday.