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Take charge of your loan

Taking charge of your refinanced mortgage is very important because your credit depends on it. You will need to keep track of your refinanced mortgage and make regular payments the same as you have on your first mortgage.

Paying on time

Make your mortgage payments on time to avoid damaging your credit and incurring late payment fees.

Many lenders offer automatic payment options to take the headache out of paying your monthly mortgage. Each month your payment will be automatically debited from the checking account you designate. Ask your lender to help you find the best payment method for you.

If you choose to have automatic payments, you should continue to check your monthly statement to ensure the payments you are making are accurate.

Simmons Bank gives you the convenience of managing your loan online. You can see recent activity on your mortgage and make payments from any Simmons Bank checking or savings account. Find more information regarding Simmons Bank Online Banking.

Stay alert to interest rate changes

You should keep watch for any interest rate changes. If you see a substantial drop in interest rates, it may be in your best interest to consider refinancing again.

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