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A step-by-step guide to your banking transition

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As you transition to becoming a Simmons Bank Treasury Management customer - and as we transfer your accounts - there are some key dates and details to remember. 

Your transition to Simmons Bank will be official on Oct. 12, 2021. After conversion, you will have an assigned dedicated service advisor to work with for all your Treasury service needs. You will receive an email in the weeks following Oct. 12 with their name and direct contact information.

Until that time, please email or contact our Treasury Management Customer Service team at 1-800-551-4471 with any questions.

Training resources

Training videos, user guides, quick reference guides and a conversion checklist are all available by clicking the links below. Printed user guides are available upon request by contacting your banker.


Treasury Connect login information

Simmons Bank Treasury Connect requires three components to log in, a Company ID, a Login ID, and a password. The Company ID is the same for all users at your company. Each user will have a unique Login ID. On Monday, Oct. 11 you will receive two emails, both are necessary the first time you log in.

One email will come from with the subject “Treasury Connect Information” and the other email will come from with the subject “Online Enrollment Information”. The Treasury Connect Information email will contain your Company ID and Login ID.

The Online Enrollment Information email will contain an initial login link. This link is specific to the user to which it was sent, please do not forward the email to other users. You will click on the initial login link and enter the Company ID and Login ID supplied in the Treasury Connect Information email. You will then be able to create your password, setup your multi-factor authentication security questions, and register your token. Please see below for more information regarding tokens.

You can bookmark the “Subsequent logins” link to access Treasury Connect at any point going forward. You can also visit, click “Business” on the login box and then choose “Treasury Connect” to access the system.

Initial login

The bank will be closed Saturday, Oct. 9 – Monday, Oct. 11, in connection with the conversion and in observance of Columbus Day. However we encourage you to login on Monday, Oct. 11, once your receive your login information emails. If you have any issues or questions, you will be able to contact us at or 1-800-551-4471.

We expect a higher call volume on Tuesday, Oct. 12, when the bank reopens, so please feel free to reach out to us on Monday, Oct. 11, to avoid delays.

ACH addenda

ACH addenda information is presented in online banking when viewing transactions. If you wish to have addenda information delivered via email, please contact us after Tuesday, Oct. 12 to request to receive information about Fed Reporter services since there will be additional costs after the three month waiver has expired.

Security tokens

The security token you currently use are not compatible with the Simmons Bank system. You will need to download and install the Symantec VIP Access token on your smart phone or computer prior to your initial Treasury Connect login so you can register your token. Token authentication is required to initiate certain types of transactions and edit user information.

Smart phone token - click the applicable link below to download and install the token.

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play

Desktop token - Visit Symantec VIP, click on DOWNLOAD, and select your operating system (Mac or Windows) under VIP Access for Computer. Follow the prompts to download and install the token.

Business Bill Pay

Triumph Bank Bill Pay will be unavailable beginning on Oct. 4 at 8 a.m. CT. Your payees, scheduled payments and bill pay history will be transferred at conversion. The first time you access Bill Pay after Oct. 12 you will need to set up your Bill Pay entitlements. Triumph Bank will process any scheduled payments through Oct. 8. Payments scheduled after Oct. 8 will process at Simmons Bank beginning Oct. 12.

User entitlements

When you log in for the first time, please confirm that user entitlements are correct. If you are an Administrator, please review your users and their entitlements and limits to ensure they are correct.

Recurring transactions

Recurring ACH originations and transfers will not be converted from the current online banking system. You will need to schedule these transactions and recurring transfers in Simmons’ online banking system beginning Tuesday, Oct. 12.

Remote Deposit scanner installation

Please visit this site in the coming weeks to register for a time to install the Simmons Remote Deposit driver. It is important to plan ahead and note that once your installation is complete, you will not be able to submit deposits to your Triumph Bank account. Deposits cannot be submitted to your Simmons account until Tuesday, Oct. 12. If your company has multiple scanners you will need to make a separate installation appointment for each scanner as only one scanner can be installed per appointment. When making the appointment, please register the name and phone of the user who will be available to take the call and perform the installation. A quick how-to guide for uninstalling your current driver is available here. Please uninstall your old driver on the morning of your installation appointment. If your Triumph Bank driver is not uninstalled at the time of your appointment, the appointment will need to be rescheduled. 

Electronic delivery of statements and notices (eStatements)

All account statements, account analysis statements, and ACH Notice of Change (NOC) notices will be available to you to view and download in Treasury Connect. You may request to have a paper statement mailed instead of, or in addition to, these eStatements. Paper statements are $5 per statement cycle beginning Feb. 1, 2022

ACH origination

The last day to originate ACH transactions will be Thursday, Oct. 7. Please plan ahead for any transactions with an effective date of Oct. 8 or Oct. 12 by initiating these transactions prior to 4 p.m. CT on Thursday, Oct. 7. As a reminder, Monday, Oct. 11 is a federal holiday which means ACH transactions cannot be effective on this date.

It is not necessary to update the routing number associated with ACH originations at this time. ACH transactions originated with the Triumph Bank routing number (084009111) will continue to settle correctly. Prior to updating routing numbers to Simmons, please verify with the receiver that their account number was not changed.

ACH batches processed since July 1st will be migrated into Treasury Connect. Any templates or batches with a saved status will also be available.


Simmons Bank requires self-administration for Treasury Management Services. Company admins have been identified by the Triumph Bank Cash Management team and are listed on the Simmons Bank Treasury Management agreements. All administrators will need to check their users’ permissions post conversion and contact or our Treasury Management Customer Service team at 1-800-551-4471 with any changes or questions.

ACH Positive Pay

ACH Filters and Blocks that were in place on your business accounts at Triumph Bank will brought over to Simmons Bank Treasury Connect. Any exceptions will be presented in Treasury Connect for you to decision, cut off time is noon CT. If exceptions are not decisioned by the cut-off time, the default decision will be the decision applied. To help with the transition, if you have not decisioned your exceptions by 11:00 am CT we will reach out to you to remind you to decision your items. We will continue this courtesy through the end of October.

Check Positive Pay - There are a few differences in file format and layout requirements for check issue files from what you may use today in order for them to be uploaded in Treasury Connect. We will assist with mapping your current check issue file layout, but some changes may be required by you before you will be able to upload the file.

Please review the requirements below to verify your file will meet these requirements. If you have questions or need assistance, please contact your banker or

  • File Format – Delimited or Fixed Position
    • If you are currently uploading an Excel file (.xls or .xlsx), you will need to save it as a Comma Separated Value (.csv) file before you can upload it
  • Required File Elements – All elements below must be included in the file:
    • Check Amount
    • Check Number
    • Issued Date
    • Payee (only required for Payee Positive Pay)

You will not need to re-upload any issued items. Any exceptions will be presented in Treasury Connect for you to decision, cut off time is noon CT. If exceptions are not decisioned by the cut-off time, the default decision will be the decision applied. To help with the transition, if you have not decisioned your exceptions by 11:00 am CT we will reach out to you to remind you to decision your items. We will continue this courtesy through the end of October.

Account number changes

If your account number has changed you will be notified by your banker or Treasury Management Customer Service with further instructions. You will also receive information via mail from Deluxe, our preferred check supplier.

Online banking

You will be unable to access online banking over conversion weekend beginning on Friday, Oct. 8 at 5 p.m. CT. Access will be restored at 8 a.m. CT on Tuesday, Oct. 12. On Monday, Oct. 11, you will receive an email communication from with your login information and from with your initial login link.

Online banking notifications

After your initial log in please click the arrow next to your username at the top left and select “Notification Setup” to confirm enrollment and set notification preferences.

Simmons Treasury Management app

Access balances, transfer funds, approve wires and ACH payments, and decision Positive Pay exceptions using your smartphone with the Simmons Treasury Management app - available for Apple®, Samsung® and Android® devices. This feature will give you quick access to your accounts anywhere you go, 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. If you previously used Mobile Deposit, that function will be available in the app.

Download on the App Store

Get it on Google Play


Prior to conversion, we recommend downloading and saving eStatements from your Triumph Bank online banking system, as eStatements will not immediately transition to Simmons Bank. You will receive two statements for October: one ending Oct. 8 and one ending Oct. 29. 

Fed Reporter emails

For customers originating ACH transactions, Simmons Bank uses the Federal Reserve’s FedPayments Reporter system to provide ACH return and NOC notices. If you were designated to receive these notices, you will receive emails from the Payments Report site - The first time you visit the site you will need to complete a registration process to establish a password and confirm control of the email address. You can do this by clicking on “Register” and following the prompts.

Intuit connections

If you currently use QuickBooks or Quicken and are connected to Triumph Bank to receive account data, you will need to update your connection. On or after Tuesday, Oct. 12th you will need to disconnect from Triumph Bank and connect to Simmons Bank TM to continue connecting your bank accounts to your Intuit software.

Treasury Connect supports the following connection types:

  • QuickBooks - Express Web Connect
  • QuickBooks - Web Connect
  • QuickBooks - Direct Connect (Account Transactions only, Transfers and Bill Pay do not sync)
  • Quicken - Express Web Connect
  • Quicken - Web Connect

There are instructions available to you on how to switch your financial institution information here

You will want to choose Simmons Bank - TM when searching for the new bank.


Incoming wires using Triumph Bank's routing number will continue to route to Simmons for 30 days. However, we strongly encourage you to update all wires to Simmons’ routing number (082900432) beginning Oct. 12. This will prevent any issues with entities not recognizing Triumph Bank's routing number and therefore declining those wires. If you have provided the Triumph SWIFT code (FTBMUS44) to any parties sending you a wire, please make sure to provide them with the Simmons SWIFT code (SMNOUS44) to use on any wires sent after Oct. 8.

Wire beneficiary information will be available in Treasury Connect. If you have recurring domestic wires, you will need to set up the re-occurrence on or after Oct. 12.

Security notice

Please be aware that Simmons Bank will never contact you to verify private information such as account numbers or login credentials. If you receive a suspicious call, text or email, contact Simmons Bank at 1-866-246-2400 or email to report the incident.

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